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Have you ever thought

Can my property remain rented uninterrupted for many years?
Can I rent my property without paying an agency fee?
Can I rent my unfurnished property at a higher rental?

If these questions are on your mind, then
Yes here are the answers

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Yes, your property can remain rented for several years without any vacancy.


Yes, you can rent your property without engaging any estate agency’s services.


Yes, your unfurnished property also can be rented at a higher price!

About Us

Adobha is a co-living lifestyle provider that offers shared accommodation solutions to professionals. We are the pioneers of co-living industry and we started operations in 2013 Singapore. To date, we have provided co-living lifestyle solutions to over 2500 professionals and over 70 properties under our management.

We build professional communities by offering shared accommodation at affordable prices. All our places are thoroughly managed and our renters are thoughtfully screened. We strive to create & deliver expectational value to our renters by offering a pleasant accommodation experience at a reasonable price and helping our property owners to generate continuous cash from their property!

What They Say

Thoroughly a professional team, took care of our property well. Highly recommend Adobha, to anyone considering leasing to a coliving operator.

Alan Chan


Dear GR,
You have always paid rent on time to me. My sincere wishes to you and your team. Keep up the good work.



My worry was, more about the subtenant's profile and legal stay status in Singapore. Sales team at Adobha understood my concerns, and they gave me access to their "Landlord portal", wherein I can log in and review all tenant details whenever I want. I highly recommend leasing to them for their transparency.

Douglas Koh


Frequently Asked Questions?

Adobha is not a real estate agency.

Yes, subleasing is 100% legal.

No, we won't rent HDB. We rent only condominiums, shophouses, landed houses.

We will always pay the agreed-on rent on the said date by GIRO; whether the property is occupied or unoccupied is not your concern.

You can reach us directly. No need to reach out to us via any agency.

Once we onboard your property, you will receive access to our "landlord portal," and you can log in any time to see the tenant's details.

Adobha leases your property for a long duration, typically three years or more, for a fixed rent and then subleases it to other professionals.

That will depend upon the location of your property and the facilities at the property. But fret not, we will ensure we properly vet all tenants before hosing, and we take full responsibility for all our subtenants behavior and actions.

There are a handful of co-living operators in Singapore, but please be aware that Adobha is the pioneer in Co-living solutions. We started operation in 2013 and have served over 70 happy landlords in Singapore, with some properties under our management since 2014.

No, not at all. You don't have to worry about any minor repairs. Our property maintenance team will take care of the property maintenance.

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